Venue & Hospitality

Bali , Indonesia

Conference Dates: March 14-15, 2019

Hotel Services & Amenities

  • Audio/Visual Equipment Rental.
  • Business Center.
  • Business Phone Service.
  • Complimentary Printing Service.
  • Express Mail.
  • Fax.
  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Office Rental.
  • Photo Copying Service.
  • Secretarial Service.
  • Telex.
  • Typewriter.
  • Video Conference.
  • Video Messaging.
  • Video Phone.
  • ATM.
  • Baggage Storage.


About City

Bali, the well-known Island of the Gods, this is one of the world's most mainstream island ends and one which continuously wins travel grants. With its fluctuated scene of slopes and mountains, rough coastlines and sandy shorelines, extravagant rice porches and fruitless volcanic slopes all giving an appealing foundation to its beautiful, profoundly supernatural and exceptional culture, chances a genuine case to be paradise on earth. It is known for its woody volcanic mountains, famous rice paddies, shorelines and coral reefs. Bali is a prevalent visitor end, which has seen a noteworthy ascent in travelers since the 1980s. The travel industry related business makes up 80% of its economy. It is well known for its profoundly created expressions, including customary and present-day move, statue, painting, cowhide, metal working, and music. 'Heaven on Earth' and the 'Island of the Gods' are simply not just the names given to Bali, these names embody the magnificence of Bali. Bali never stops to enchant with its various normal fortunes. Excursion to Bali can be loaded up with culture, nature, workmanship, the supernatural or, far superior, these. Bali got the Best Island grant from Travel and Freedom in 2010. Bali won in view of its gorgeous environment (both mountain and seaside territories), different vacation destinations, remarkable global and nearby cafeterias, and the amicability of the neighborhood individuals. As indicated by BBC Travel discharged in 2011, Bali is one of the World's Best Islands. The Island of the Gods offers extraordinary shorelines, endless waves for surfing and charming regular destinations to visit and investigate vivid customs, and talented craftsmen. There is an inconceivably extensive variety of inns and cabin, cafeterias, spas and world-class exercises and shopping - all inside close separation and at reasonable costs. Bali is outstanding for its bright nightfalls which touch base on flag at around 6pm each day of the year. Aside from the abundance of Bali attractions, from the fantastic shorelines of Kuta, Nusa Dua and Seminyak, or Ubud's social heart and appealing bordering rice handle, the northeastern seaside towns and Lombok Island are concealed pearls till disclosure.